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Spiritual mentorship sessions are designed for women
who are called to deepen their relationship with their soul, their Divinity, and their Inner Wisdom.

This offering is designed for those who realize life is a co-creative process with the Divine.

When we deepen into listening to our soul and our wisdom we release self-doubt, judgement, and isolation. We choose to remember who we are at a soul level and make daily choices in all aspects of life from that inner knowing, and trust in our wisdom and that of the Divine. We learn to treat all of life, all of creation, and every moment of our lives as sacred.

Our lives become THE spiritual practice, rather than our spiritual practice being something we have on the to-do list for an hour a day.  If even that!

We all need mentors and soul companions if we step into doing this Inner Work so that we have someone who can listen to us deeply.


With a Soul Companion like this, we co-create safe and sacred space free from judgement so that we can express our soul’s desires.


We need someone who can hold our hands through both the light and shadow aspects of ourselves.


We need someone who has walked the path before us and can show us our own unique map that illuminates our genius and our soul gifts so that we may bring them more fully into the world.


And the world desperately needs your gifts!


I treasure my mentors, teachers and guides and my life would not be the same without them.


In fact, I am pretty sure I would be a hot mess without my teachers and of course my beloved husband.

I would be honored to be your guide!

I specialize in tending the souls of the spiritually curious, the sacred rebels, the polymaths, the shadow dancers, and the holy mischief makers. The ones who yearn to reconnect to their intuitive gifts and who are ready to shake things up in the world.

I bring in deep training in many Spiritual Paths and Wisdom traditions and the age-old practices that are common among all of them. 

I meet you where you are.

I  especially love working with women who feel disconnected from their spirituality. You may no longer resonate with how spirituality was fed to you and so you severed your connection completely because you didn’t know how to create your own connection. 

 I desire to teach you about the Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine, beauty, love, compassion, and cosmic humor that is at the root of all of it.

You are ready to drink from the deep well of wisdom that was always there but that you were never taught.

Reconnecting and remembering your soul curriculum will transform how you walk through the world and how you respond rather than react to whatever comes up.


All of it becomes sacred.

My work focuses on: 

  • Transmuting Self-Doubt and Lack of Inner Trust.
  • Deepening to your own spirituality in ways that are both familiar and completely new.
  • Remembering and Defining Your Soul Purpose - You can finally stop expending energy trying to “find” your purpose because it is not lost. It has always been within you, you just need tools to remember it, define it, and embody it.
  • Sharing Practices for living a more sacred life, more harmonically, and staying out of overwhelm .
  • Transforming stories of pain and trauma into gifts and realizing they are your strengths.
  • Moving towards full self-expression of your genius, talents and gifts.
  • Understanding that your Inner Critic is just another aspect of your Inner Wisdom, and learning to love and appreciate her.

In our work together you will receive:  

  • Deep listening and witnessing to assist you in finding the spiritual paths that resonate for you.
  • Practices that resonate for you and become a PART OF not apart from your daily life. 
  • My intuitive gift of seeing other peoples’ geniuses - but my job is to give you enough clarity to discover them on your own, and choose to share them in service to something larger than yourself.
  • Contemplative and creative practices designed to open the portals to your soul, your wisdom, and your gifts. 
  • A structure created for you that will serve as a container in which you will pour your soul's genius. In this way you can harness, illuminate, and share your unique skills with those who are meant to receive them.
  • Sacred Texts and other book selections that will light the sparks of your soul. Being a book lover will be important if you work with me. (But you can read or listen!)
  • Practices to write your own stories and myths for healing. 
  • A mirror for the aspects of self you want to work with in a safe and sacred space. 


  • Lots of fun, dancing, humor, and treating life as an experiment. 

My job is as a way-shower, guide, and Soul Companion.

But your commitment is to do your Inner Work (or even better Inner Play). I cannot do it for you. This is an energetically reciprocal relationship. 

Working with me will not be a cookie-cutter program or a clearly marked road with street signs from A-Z, it will be a winding road full of surprises and the ups and downs of any journey worth taking. It will be mythic. Just like life is.

If you are looking for a systematic 30 steps to your enlightenment, or your 6-figure business program, I am not for you. Although those things can happen. But only if that is what your soul was dropped on the planet for. 

In the nearly 20 years of experience I have working with women, I have come to realize that 99% of them desire to change something that their linear mind thinks "should" change. However, through working together they discover that it is not what their heart and soul actually desires, nor it is a part of their soul curriculum.

When we work together, we allow the soul to speak your truth through deep listening. This process begins to uncover what you truly want at the deepest soul level. You will learn that you are already whole, and there is nothing to "become." You already have within you all that you need to live a beautiful, sacred, and joyful life - even when things are difficult. You will learn to live in the present instead of hoping for future outcomes.

Here's what you CAN expect:


If you do the Inner work, you will have the agency to access, listen to, and trust your Inner Wisdom. 


You'll recognize that you are a sovereign being who can define and live your truth without apology.


When you come fully into that awareness and embody it, you are unstoppable.

My biggest desire is to mentor myself out of a job!

One of my sacred assignments is to bring more mentors into the world. It is my deep belief that the world needs more soul literate people walking the planet so healing on a Universal level may occur.  

I would love to share the mythology and history of mentoring as told by one of my favorite Elder Wisdom Teachers, Mythologist Michael Meade. 

“Mentor acts as vessel through which Divine intelligence speaks and stirs the life spirit of people, but she also speaks to respond to historical and cultural issues of the day.

Mentoring is a creative work in the sense that something is being born or fashioned that can alter the world.

Mentoring is an art that brings otherworldly knowledge and inspiration to a situation that otherwise seems overwhelming, unjust or even hopeless.

Mentoring represents an invisible continuity, something ancient, meaningful and enduring being passed on, in the old way of person to person.

To mentor means to enter an age-old practice that aims to reveal the true nature and natural genius of the student while awakening the inner elder in mentors and teachers.

Mentoring involves a mythic sense that individual life repeatedly transforms as well as the understanding that with each generation the world must be made anew.

Mentoring is a renewable practice with roots in the human soul, a prototypical way of learning and teaching that can bring into play genuinely inspired ideas and heartfelt dreams that can alter the conditions of the worlds.”

-Michael Meade, The Genius Myth 

So if you are wondering what the difference between coaching and mentoring is...this is it.

It is about more than you, and more than me.

It is about how we can create something together that can alter the world. 

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This session is designed for me to understand where you are on your journey, to see if we are in resonance with each other and to provide some initial guidance and the path to working together.


One of my strong values is that Soul Work should be accessible to as many people as possible and not just reserved for the privileged. I try my best to not turn anyone away for an inability to pay my rates. If you feel called to work with me let’s discuss how there can be an energetic exchange.