A Message From Time

Sep 19, 2021

Dear Humans,

You can call me Father Time, The Mistress of Time, Chronos, or Kairos. I am Time and I exist in all of nature, and in the constructs of your mind. I am the before, the now, the future, I am in a point in space and all spaces at once. I am very real and an illusion all at once. I have a message, an apology, and an invitation for you.

I am sorry I never meant to control or manipulate you, in fact you can manipulate me if you slow down and stay present. Your mind has the power to make me go slow or fast and at the exact speed that is right for you.

I never meant for you to beat me; it is not a race to the finish line. I never meant for you to rush through your life. I never meant for you to dwell on the past or worry about the future, I meant to create a space for you to be present, and savor your life.

I exist for you to notice and act in your highest good and in accordance with nature and her timelines, not separate from it.

I exist to give you the structure to live your life as a work of art, create what you are here to create, to calm the chaos. I am not here to enslave you, I am here to ensoul you.

I gave you the sun, moon, stars, cosmos, seasons, plants and animals for you to measure me by. Not clocks, calendars and deadlines to meet.

I could blame man, the patriarchy and the production machine for only allowing you to see me in my Chronos form focused on linear time, constant action, deadlines, and beginnings and endings but that is an old story. Rather I invite you to engage with me in a different way. In my Kairos form.where time is qualitative and where each moment is an opportune moment to be who you are and express your beauty right now. Where time stops and opens up into the work of art called your life. I invite you to the place where each moment is perfect and mythic. It is the exact right time. I invite you open to the possibility of living as both a time-bound and timeless being.

I invite you to play with me, to dance with me and to not see me as the enemy or the taskmaster.

Some ways to play with me in this next cycle:

1.) On the 20th go outside and bath in the Full Moon, ask her to illuminate anything you are not seeing and to show you what wants to emerge from you in the next cycle.

2.) The 22nd marks the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Go outside in nature, observe the perfect time and harmony of the trees turning and releasing their leaves. Observe the animal life preparing for the darkness and the winter, gathering what they need to sustain and nourish themselves. Ask them what you need to come to completion on, what you need to release, and what you need to gather to remain nourished through the Winter.

3.) Choose a day in the next month to not look at any time measurement device. No clocks, watches, or calendars. Let go of your need to watch the clock or look at due dates. Use the Sun and the Moon as your timekeeper and recalibrate your internal rhythms to nature's timeline. (Conversely, notice in your day to day life how often you look at a clock or calendar and notice how "controlled" you are by time).

4.) List the activities that assist you in getting lost in time. Those things that make you feel like you were doing them for five minutes and yet you realize you are engaged for hours, and you don't care how much time has passed (that is Kairos). Things that bring you joy, keep you present and you savor them. Commit to doing at least one of those things each week.

5.) Slow down

Love and Light,

The Mistress of Time

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