And Just Like That... Things Shifted

Dec 05, 2021

For those of you who have been reading me for a while you know that I live harmonically (as best I can) with what is going on in nature. I take my cues from what is happening in the cosmos and the elements, seasons, animals, plants and seasonal spiritual practices. And right now we are in the more dark, womb-like spaces, the energy of dormancy, fallowness, rest, and at the same time fecundity. And there is a Solstice approaching. As I write this we are at a New Moon in Sagittarius and Solar Eclipse. I have learned to love this time and make conscious choices to slow it down and do the rebellious thing and not buy into the crazy, busy, rushing, consumer culture things we are told we should be doing. It is a time for dreaming and possibility, and listening for the Universe's plan; not the one my mind is playing out. Because the Divine is much more creative than I am. I am just the vessel that brings the Divine's wishes into manifest form and matter. 

It is also a time of the "coming of the light" in just about every spiritual tradition. And even in the darkness, even in black holes, there are fractals of light. I am really feeling it this year...FINALLY. Because sometimes our energy does not align with the seasons, and I have felt like I have been in Winter since the time I would normally be coming out of the cocoon into Spring in 2020. I think many of us have. And it's also true that for many of us, things are still difficult. The world is still a bit of a hot mess. And probably will be for a while. A long while. There is no going back to normal. I hate to break it to you. Which is good because we normalized a lot of broken shit. And now that is all coming to light. And it's hard to watch and know that we HAVE moved out of a comfort zone. The good news is, magic emerges from these spaces but it takes a while to see. 

In the last few weeks, that concern over the world has resulted in my Wanda Worry-Wart inner character to have a very loud voice in my head. Especially when I first wake up in the morning. I realized I had to love and honor her for her role of protecting me and those closest to me. But she was preventing me from seeing the light. And so I decided to start hitting the reset button in the morning and asking: 

"How can I be infused with light, and how can I infuse light." 

Sometimes when we do a practice like this we don't "believe" it at all, but if we make the choice to keep doing it, eventually we will begin to believe it. So it took me a couple of weeks before the shift into more light and joy actually became real. And it happened quite suddenly. And this New Moon/Solar Eclipse really brought a lot home for me. Some of the energies of this cosmic event are: 

  1. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible" vibe. Thank goodness I was born with and had parents that fostered this. I have always believed in myself.

  2. "We are being asked to free ourselves from anything that is not connected to the core of our most authentic and spiritual selves," This was where a whole bunch of epiphanies came through this morning. But what I realized was the world is not going to be less chaotic anytime soon, remembered history shows it really never has, and it might never be. It has always been hard. I can either keep worrying about it, or I can meet it with light and joy. That is my choice, and it's yours too.

  3. "While eclipses can open and close doors, it's more useful to plan on surrendering to the universe's plans during this time, rather than on harnessing the energy of the lunation to push through your own plans. And as many of us know, the universe's plans for us are often bigger and better than anything we can dream up for ourselves. So, pay attention to what's naturally being brought into your life or taken out of it, and work on letting it happen." Oh boy this is a big one. And quite liberating. Isn't it so much more freeing to go with what is naturally showing up or leaving, than trying to think of it on your own?

  4. It's good time to "separate truth from illusion, to liberate yourself from outdated beliefs and to welcome in beneficial cosmic change." - This was HUGE for me. I saw through a lot of illusions of my own creation, that seemed like they were in service to me, but actually served to isolate me. Which was fine for that stage, but there was a lot of ego and judgement wrapped up in it, that I was not even seeing. And on Friday I did. And that will be left behind in 2021, so I can weave a whole new way of connecting in 2022.

To read the "details" on what I learned about this time in the cosmos please go to This opened my eyes to a lot. My homework for you is to go through this like I did and see what is true for you. Use this energy to really and authentically dream into what is possible. But for right now pay attention to what the Universe is presenting you with. 

Next week I will share on the upcoming Book Journey which will be a deep dive into Goddesses in Everywoman. The Essence Board workshop where you get to know and choose which essences within you want to show up in the world in 2022. And a little bit on visioning and the Winter Solstice. And then I will be back in the "cocoon" until the 2nd week of January. 

I wish you all a beautiful season of light. And as always I welcome questions and feedback. 

Love and Light ,


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