Blessed Solstice 2021 and Year End Reflection

Dec 12, 2021

As I sit here watching some snow fall in Denver...FINALLY. I am thinking of all of you and how much gratitude I have for all of you who read my words, take my classes, are a part of my community in-person, and in the ethers of my FB group. I have been in a "slight" descent into the darker "visioning" time as it is the time to do that, but I haven't gone all the way behind the veils just yet. That will happen over the weekend prior to the Solstice Winter (December 21st) and last through New Year. So before I go into the dreaming time I wanted to tap in with you, share a few things for you to reflect on between now and Christmas and to also share what has emerged for me so far, and what I will be sitting more deeply with over the next couple of weeks. This will be my last newsletter for 2021 with the exception of an invitation to the 1st Book Journey of 2022. 

I also, want you to remember you don't have to have every thing completed by December 31st, and a whole new set of goals and overwhelm on January 1st. Take your time; life comes in cycles; not hard stops and starts. For most cultures around the world January is still the dreaming time, and for many the New Year isn't even January 1st. And every year carries with it a different energy. For me this year the "dreaming" feels much more active rather than passive, AND at the same time I am not rushing into anything and being very receptive to what the Universe is putting right in front of me on the path AND what it is taking away. I invite you to NOT rush towards your dreams and trying to figure it all out in your mind, or to rush to create a vision board, word or phrase of the year, or list of goals. It is not necessary. And I always joke that if you own a business and you don't know what you are doing in January it's probably a little too late. In cyclical living and working those seeds got planted long ago, so that I AM able to take this time to truly dream and vision, and be with family and friends. 

So here are some things to reflect on for the Solstice. Be with what is emerging, and what you are FEELING in your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Maybe some words, phrases and intents are beginning to form for you, and maybe not.

  • Celebrate your successes and all the things you did complete. All you have done and become this year. How you have shown up, first for yourself, and then for others.

  • Reflect on those things that maybe did not come to completion, or work out the way you planned. Love yourself, know that you did enough, and then make a choice to let it go or carry it into the next cycle. (Remember again, it doesn't have to be done on December 31st)

  • Sit with, and make a choice on which stories and repetitive patterns you are choosing to release once and for all, and choose the new story. Again loving yourself, and knowing that those old stories did serve you in some way, but that it is time to back spaciousness for what wants to emerge.

  • Take the time to really slow down and open up to the Inner Wisdom and information that is coming through to you and don't rush to make meaning or create a to-do list out of it. Just listen, pay attention to synchronicities, symbols, dreams, animals and plants revealing themselves to you. And as I said above pay attention to who and what the Universe is placing on the path in front of you. Pay attention to connections both new and old. This may not be a time for new vision but a re-vision and refinement. Again each year presents a different energy.

  • Take time to tap into your heart and soul, AND REALLY DREAM, be open to what's possible even if it's in the mystery. Consider how you want to "show up" for yourself next year, and then consider how you want to show up for others and your work in the world. Do this from your heart and soul, not your head, and definitely not from what the external world thinks you should be doing.

  • REALLY reflect on what support you need in all aspects of life. What connections, relationships, teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues do you want to strengthen? What do you want to learn? The time of lone wolf is over and we need to open up to both giving and receiving support. Define over the Solstice what that might look like for you. The messages I am getting so far is this is likely my BIG work for this year. Re-visioning, re-defining, and refining what connection looks and feels like for me.

So far during my visioning time a few phrases and words have come to me. I am a bit in the mystery on how they will take form, but I have some ideas. 

Practical Magic


Story Keeper


As I said, some things will remain in the mystery for now as I go deeper into what this might look like. I will say it again, there is no rush to figure it out. See what and who the Universe puts in front of you, and follow the breadcrumbs. Feel in your body what to say yes to and what to say no to, or maybe later. Really tap into what is important and let the rest go or marinate for a while. You can always revisit things during the year. I ALWAYS refine and plant the seeds in March at Spring Equinox. This is just the ending and beginning at the same time. 

So those are my reflections so far. I know much more will emerge as I take some time off. I would love to hear what has been emerging for all of you, and how I can best be of service to you next year. Here are themes I will be sharing on in early 2022 as I know them right now. But of course the Muse may say otherwise when the time comes. 

January-Renewal, Rebirth, Surrendering in Order to Receive, A Deep Dive into the Connections and Support Structures

February-Self-Acceptance, Focusing on planting seeds that feed the heart and soul

March-Spring, Clarity, Learning to Access and Trust Intuition, Replenish, Amplify you Dreamseeds

April-Creating Your Mythic Story, Focusing on What You Desire to Create, Your Sacred Tools

I do hope you join me for the ride, in whatever way resonates for you. Next year I will also be re-igniting my goal to help women create and share their stories through different mediums. Interviews, story curation, and other things I am still dreaming into. 

If these themes seem juicy to you, I will be discussing them in-depth each week in my group Amused Woman Circle, which is generally where I share live and more deeply. And I am in the process of building a private community on my own platform and moving this group to it. More to come! 

Amused Woman Circle

Have a Blessed Solstice, and Happy Holidays! 

Love and Light, 


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