Creating Space to Create

Jun 01, 2021

Beloveds, I hope you read this in its entirety, there are some changes afoot and an opportunity for us to connect in a different way that I am considering. As creatives sometimes we need to create space and boundaries (or I prefer the phrase creative containers) in order to allow the next creation to come through as gracefully and powerfully as possible. In my Spring time visionary and alignment practices many, many ideas and downloads came through. The Divine has spoken (in fact she has spoken many times, this time I know I cannot ignore her) and it IS time first and foremost to write the book, and then also create the next version of my work as Mentor, Guide, and studio owner. Also in my visioning earlier this year it became clear that I need to create and curate a Sacred Library that brings all of my teachings, writings, and other work (as well as the work of others that I desire to share) into a place where things are woven together and with context.

All of the above, means I need to shed some things, at least for a time, and make some space. During this last week's eclipse which was all about shedding, what became clear was that I cannot write a book, and create the library without taking some time off from writing longer pieces here in the newsletter and in my FB group. The Preventative Medicine for the Soul writings were a piece of the download that will ultimately be the book, so I am moving my focus into putting all of those into book ready writing. I also need to take time off from creating group classes and workshops, although I will still be working with 1:1 clients. My goal is to have the book draft, new web platform and Sacred Library (as well as, a new interactive community), plus re-emerge with both virtual and IN STUDIO classes and circles in the Mid-September timeframe. (More on what's coming below).

In the work I do with the elements of nature, there are two elements that support creation (well they all do in some way) but Fire creation involves burning away what is not serving, igniting the passionate heart, and bringing the creations out into the world. And Water creation is more internal, flowing, and based in the feeling state. I am dancing between both, burn away what is not serving, go into the waters of internal creating from the feeling state, bring in a little Air for the vision and intellect this work requires, then back to Fire to ignite it and bring it out to the world, all with an Earthy container of nourishment and sustenance.

So, I am curious. What do you have a burning desire to create in this next cycle, and what are you willing to shed in order to create it? What type of container will you set for you, your creation, your expression, and your soul-led evolution?

i hope that through stepping back, I am setting and example and modeling for you that even though it is uncomfortable and a little scary to step away or even fully let go of one thing, sometimes that is exactly what is required in order to bring a dream into reality. Writing a book has been a lifelong dream, and while I have realized many of my dreams, a book is the one thing that has been with me this long and that I still have to bring forth. As I get ready to turn 50, I think it's time.

Writing, scribing, language and books in general have been a gift since birth and likely before according to some of my visions. I can no longer ignore the call and snub my nose at what the Divine gave me. And I hope you take this time in your life to really sit with and be with and honor your Divine gifts.

So at least for the summer, what I will share here are more of the monthly/weekly themes, quotes, and inquiries for you to journal on in your own inner work. I may share some older blog posts, I have 5 years worth that many of you have not likely seen. And I may be writing some longer articles for larger publications while writing the book, so if those get published I will definitely share them here.

I am also sitting with a 90 minute per month (date TBD) live Q&A/Loveseat Coaching/Guidance where I can connect with those of you who are interested in connecting with me in that way and ask me anything about the themes/inquiries or really anything related to your spiritual growth. Because even though I need to make space, connection is also a part of my work and my gifts, and your stories are gifts to me as well. Reply and let me know if something like that would be in your joy.

I am also excited that I am having a guest teacher come to the Centennial, CO studio August 13-15th, which will be the first group gathering since COVID began. More details coming, but it will be an amazing weekend of stepping more deeply into our souls and our creative expression.

By September (probably later) the new web portal will be up and running, with new ways of working with me, the Sacred Library of resources, an engaged community that is off social media, as well as, a membership portal with different tiers, including one for Soul-Led Healing Professionals. So there are a lot of exciting things coming.

In studio, there will be gatherings again-Connection Circles, ceremonies at the High Holy days, teachings on creating your own rituals, some simplified creative connection and self-expression activities (rather than full art classes) and hopefully more guest teachers. My desire is to keep it simple, and from the feedback I have received women just want to connect with each other in a safe and sacred space. Some of you want to create in community together and some of you don't want the creative aspect, so there will be both.

More later, beloveds. See you on the other side of Summer.

And please reply if you are interested in a monthly virtual connection time and Q&A.

As always, I am here for individual support and 1:1 mentorship. Please reach out if that intrigues you.


Love and Light,


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