Energies and Practices for Spring

Mar 23, 2022

I don't think I know anyone who does not love Spring, things are coming to life, we are seeing more light, a sense of re-birth and renewal, things are warming up, the sprouts are becoming visible and we are sensing bringing the possibilities into the light. As the wheel turns the Equinox is arriving on March 20th. this is a powerful time for bringing visions into focus and clarity. The compass is pointing to the East (different traditions vary on this) and the element of Air is blowing her way into our consciousness.

Air represents the breath of life and speaking or communicating our desires, but for me also represents the breeze of clearing our vision so we can be insightful, intuitive, discerning and bringing clarity to those things we have visioned earlier in the year. It is the time to "clear the air", discern which visions we would like to bring focus and clarity to, which ones are intuitively in alignment with our souls. AND THEN begin to nourish them, speak them, and bring them into form as we approach the fire of summer.

I feel as though for many women they have this expectation that they should have already brought the New Years visions and goals into form, but as I have said before that "calendar" is a man-made construct. In the natural world and the feminine way, first...not everything has to be realized by December 31st, but secondly this is the time to look with clear eyes and new perception first at what you have already done and honoring that, and next re-visit and re-birth what your intentions are for this cycle in your life. It is time to re-align and bring clarity to what you desire. Does it all still align with your soul? Are you still in resonance with what you set out to do?Can you be honest with yourself about what you may let go of because it doesn't align? And now which visions, goals and desires are you going to put your energy and attention on to do the work of nourishing them into abundance, and are the steps you need to take to bring it into form what you really want and desire and how you really want to feel as you are tending your garden?

This is the time to tap into your intuition, listen to your Muse in order to discern and see the truth of what is and what wants to be. The Clan Mother of this fourth moon (13 Original Clan Mothers-Jamie Sams) is Looks Far Woman, she is the seer, the oracle, the visionary, the one who can step between the veils and teach us to SEE THE TRUTH. This truth-telling part of the journey is not always an easy walk of the path, as we being to see the truth of what WE truly want and desire to bring our energy and attention to and not what others are telling us we should be doing, what we should be wanting. I invite you to step into that truth and get super clear on what it is you truly want to nourish and bring focus into what it will take to bring those desires into fruition.

AND I invite you to be honest about what you DON"T want and molt those feathers like the winged creatures who welcome us into spring with new life and the resonance of their song. Winged creatures also fly above so they find their sustenance through the ability to see what the Earth is providing for them from a wider lens of perception. If they were always looking for their nourishment with their beaks to the ground they would starve, but from above they can see all that is available to them and choose what to focus on in order to bring abundance AND nourish their babies.

So how do you honor this cycle and open up your intuition and perception? Here are a few ways, and an invitation:

  • There is a reason it is called spring cleaning- clean your space and bring in the new. Open all the windows and let the air permeate your home and workspace. De-clutter.
  • Go for a nature walk and notice what is already sprouting, and listen for the birds, feel the air on your skin.
  • Create an altar that represents spring, air and vision. Include seeds, feathers, even a pair of glasses, I will often put an egg on my altar (not for long though) to represent fertility.
  • Explore different winged creatures and their meanings, choose one you resonate with, print a picture or paint a card of that creature (a creative practice will solidify the ability to vision) and meditate on it.
  • Begin to journal on those things you are ready to let go off, clear out, so that you can make ready the new, and then journal on what you are ready to nourish and birth, and bring focus to.
  • Surround yourself in beauty, whatever that means to you. It could mean a date to an art museum or gallery, and really LOOK at what you see.
  • Set your timer (every hour is preferred) but even three times a day, stop what you are doing, breath and connect with your inner wisdom, check in to see if what you are doing in that moment is nourishing what you have visioned and dreamed of. Ask your inner wisdom to show you the truth of what is in the moment. Journal your experience.

I am also super excited to unveil my new website! 

As you may have noticed the newsletter format has changed a bit, and so has my website. It has been a year long labor of love to create a new space for my vision, tell a new story, and bring more clarity to what I am here to share. It is no accident that I unveiled it during this time. I do hope you come by and take a look around. Feel free to ask questions or reach out.


New and Improved Amused Woman Studios


Love and Light,




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