Let's Talk About Friends...baby

Feb 28, 2022
Let's Talk About Friends...baby

This week in my private group there was a discussion around why it is so hard to create and maintain friendships amongst women. There was some sadness and grief around it. I also noticed women sharing this on their own newsfeeds. When I notice something women are struggling with coming from multiple sources I pay attention. This is something I have personally struggled with, and it is why my mantra for the year is "Weaving Conscious Connections". This includes all areas of my life but most importantly my friendships and relationships. I chose to make it a priority, because connecting and community brings me joy. And the paradox of friendships just like any other relationship is it does take work, and it is a two-way street. I don't know about all of you, but I am most certainly guilty of not making the time and space for friends. And yet the truth is, at this stage of my life, I have both the time and the space. But I have to make it a priority. Below is the video I shared in my group, telling my story around friends, a wisdom teaching, and a challenge. There are also some journal prompts for you to muse upon. I would love to hear what your experience with friendship is, if you desire more friend relationships, and the commitment you are willing to make to deepen your friend connection. Also is a link to a book that I mention in the video about creating and maintaining friendships and the different "types" of friends.

Why is it so hard for women to create friendships? from Amused Woman Studios on Vimeo.


Friendtimacy Book

Journal Prompts to Muse Upon:

  • Take a moment to do an inventory of your friendships and connections? Are they vibrant and supportive, are they draining or non-reciprocal (on your part or the others), are they non-existent? Be gentle with yourself in this inquiry. Feel any emotions around it and just be with it. (If you need support reach out to me).
  • What do you currently desire in your friendships and connections? Write it all out, like you are writing a personal ad for a lover, but instead for a soul friend or community.
  • If you do desire deeper friendships/connections/community what is holding you back or what are you resisting? Why? (again be very gentle and non-judgement, just witness)
  • What commitment are you willing to make (which may even be uncomfortable) to reach out, connect, take the first step in deepening your friendships?
  • What else is my soul curious about as it relates to the possibility of deeper connections?

I would love to hear about your current experience with friendships and if you choose to make a commitment to creating and maintaining them.


Love and Light,



PS. You will begin to notice some changes in the newsletter format over time as I move to a new platform. Ultimately, with the opportunity to go deeper and have more engaging conversation. I am super excited about it (it comes along with a whole new website) and can't wait to deepen my ability to be a support to you and a Soul Friend.

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