Listening for the Whispers

Feb 06, 2022

I am still slowly emerging from the Winter Cocoon. February 1st marked Imbolc the 1/2 way point between Winter and Spring, and even though it is wintry outside the seeds are starting to stir and the sprouts are breaking through the pods. We can't see it yet because it is happening under the soil, AND if you were to get really quiet with your ear to Mother Earth you would hear the movement. (I can't because there is 7 inches of snow on the ground...but I digress). 

All of this to say that I am feeling the shift from what my visioning has revealed to me and what my soul is more definitively calling me towards, and sometimes that calling is a whisper and other times it is a roar. But we have to slow down and quiet down long enough to hear either, and we definitely don't hear the calls of our soul while we are scrolling social media or watching TV. We don't hear while we are spending time running, and racing and checking off a to-do list. This is still a time of patience. We may want the sprouts to burst through the soil, but if they do now they will not survive because they will not get enough warmth and sunlight. 

What is your soul calling you towards? 

And are you heeding the call? My soul continues to call me towards more simplicity, deeper connections, and deeper study in the mystical practices of the world's spiritual traditions. (Mystical meaning the experience of loving Union with the Divine and all of Creation) My soul is calling me towards showing up to life in all of my essences and finding the sacred in every moment, not just the "mind-blowing" spiritual ones. My soul is calling me more and more to be in service to something bigger than myself. And i will be discerning and putting "details" around this as we move into March, and more will be revealed. 

Some of what my soul is calling me towards is receiving some resistance from my mind. Which I know is true for all of us. There is fear, there is resistance, there are moments I you built something and now you are getting ready to dismantle it and unhook from it. But that is often what is required in order for us to continue the soul's journey. 

Is there anything that without a doubt you know your soul is meant to do?

And yet perhaps you resist, because if you say yes you are stepping completely into the unknown. And we like to stick with what seems familiar and safe even when we know our true delight would be to listen to the whispers that keep beckoning, over and over again. And sometimes that does mean dismantling certain ways of being, doing and working, and unhooking ourselves from the familiar stories. It can be scary, but living an entire life without answering the call, is to me even scarier. And you are not alone. I am here to witness, listen, and guide. And answering the call also means being courageous enough to reach out to your support systems. Answering the call is one of the biggest acts of self-love you can take. 

So what is calling you so loudly you can no longer ignore it? 

I would love to hear and see if I can support you. 

Love and Light, 



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