Making Soul-Empowered Choices-Preventative Medicine for the Soul #4

May 16, 2021

I adore this time of year- the mid-point between Spring and Summer, the greening of nature and the emergence of blossoms. It is actually in this time of year (not winter) when we naturally begin to make choices on what we will begin to put our energy towards and create focused and aligned actions. It is time to move from dreaming, visioning, thinking and planning to DOING. However, the doing must be directly in service to our soul's visions and direction, NOT the external world's view of what we should be doing. It is that feeling that time is going really going fast that you know you are succumbing to the external world's view of when things should be done. Remember, December 31st is arbitrary and doesn't actually align AT ALL with nature's cycles, and most likely not yours either when you really become aware of what your rhythms are. Some things take one cycle, some things take infinite cycles (I look at cycles as a 12 week or seasonal period). It is time to make aligned choices for what you want to bring into the world, when, and how while still being fluid, being receptive, and being sovereign in your power. Our choices of where we put our energy should come from our Inner Power resources, not the overculture story of manifest, manifest, manifest. I always say that manifesting anything and everything just because many of us can, is not in fact, an EMPOWERED choice, in fact it is often not a creative, exciting, or joyful choice. Sometimes the more we manifest the more we leak power, and the more exhaustion and overwhelm we find ourselves in. And many times the most empowered choice is to just be and not do. Or a balance of being and doing, but keeping the "doing" at the minimum for what is needed. Because it is through the "being" that we actually get more done that is in alignment with our soul's curriculum.

So before I go on, I want to give a true definition of power, because power has become so distorted in our modern culture but true Inner Power is:

Energy + Choice=Power

When we access our souls to "decide" what choices to make, and where to focus our energy we are able to stand more fully in our power, and create potent work (personal and professional) that is aligned with our soul's map. That which we came here for, and that which honors our gifts and born-with genius. Then we take that information and move into action. That is the aligned energy of both the Feminine and the Masculine within us.

Because here is the truth. We can't do it all, nor are we meant to. There are things that are "ours to do" and things that are not meant for us. And being aware of that is a crucial part of your soul's journey to fulfillment while you are in this human experience. Saying no to forcing things that are not yours to do is a powerful choice and a way to discontinue "leaking" power all over the place.

This is the time of year that I am personally at some choice points of where to focus my energy so it is most potent and fruitful and so that there is bounty to harvest this year and for many cycles. And I am hearing from many of my clients and students that they are in the place of making choices. I will share some of my choices at the end of this transmission. But first many of you may be asking, how do I know? How do I know what is a soul choice vs. a "mind" choice or a choice that is over-influenced by the external world and therefore dis-empowering?

Well, this is a big subject, and Sovereignty (which is what we are talking about here) is one of my favorite subjects to work with and teach on. I will share a course below I designed that is self-paced and goes deep into this, if it is in your joy to learn more. But there are some basic level actions you can take when you find yourself at a choice point, a need to make a decision, or feel like you are at a crossroads.

  • To make soul-led choices it is imperative to slow down and get quiet long enough to listen to yourself. You cannot make empowered choice while checking off a linear to-do list.

  • Once you have slowed down, take some breathes; nice long, slow breathes, notice how your body feels and what sensations you are having and where.

  • Ask the question, "what is the most empowered choice I can make in this moment? Or in regards to this situation?" Listen for the first answer that comes, do not question it even if it doesn't make sense. Journal it, because at some point it will make sense. Feel the response to the answer in your body. Does it feel like a hell yes, even if it is uncomfortable? Discomfort or resistance is usually a BIG clue that we are on the right path. Begin to do this even with the most mundane choices if you are the indecisive type with even deciding where to go to dinner. Start with small and safe decisions.

  • Where am I leaking power? Meaning where am I reacting instead of responding? Or choosing not to do either? Sometimes the most empowered action is no action at all. This is a whole giant teaching on power leaks and being aware of them, that I share in my Sovereignty course. But I can say for sure that scrolling newsfeeds and reacting to posts is undoubtedly a power leak, even if you feel very powerful in the moment. Or where I am I overgiving and not receiving support or reciprocity?

  • Lastly, for this level of the work. KNOW that no decision is final, ever. And there is really no mistake that doesn't have a gift or wisdom. That is not how the Universe works. A certain way of life may shift and never go back to what it WAS. But more often than not, that is for the best even if you can't see it in the moment. Usually "going back to normal" is something our minds love because it is known. But stepping into the unknown is where the magic lies. Even if it doesn't turn out how you thought it would. You can ALWAYS make another choice or take another path as you get further down the road. And guess what? You can also change you mind, or say no, and not have to explain yourself.

I hope you try out some of these practices and do let me know how that is working for you, I love communication and I love feedback, as well as, witnessing you and listening. For me as I mentioned, I am at some choice points around where my energy wants to go, what to say yes and what to say no to..or more accurately what to say "not right now" to. Writing and teaching (along with art making) are all huge passions of mine. I know and have been told by the Divine many, many times throughout my life that to evolve and make the impact I want to make that writing is my passion and a born-with gift and yet I resist doing it in a big way at every turn. And there are many"stories" around that, that I will not go into here. BUT, I know I will be writing my book which was supposed to happen last year and the Corona hit; yet another distraction of my own making really. But I am now taking a sovereign stand for that. SO, I will not be creating and offering any group workshops until at least September, I will still work 1 on 1. And I don't know how many FB lives I will be doing in my groups and pages, if any at all, and I am willing to take the social media "illusion" punishment of not being seen because of this choice, but it is the most empowered one I can make in this moment . So the 3 ways to work more deeply with me are 1:1, continue reading what I share here in the newsletter and on the blog, which may or may not be weekly, and through the self-paced Sovereignty course I have linked below. I plan to re-emerge in September with a book draft completed, and a whole new way of engaging with YOU and all of the wisdom and teachings I have gathered and written in this lifetime and previous lifetimes. I am working hard as I am ready to turn 50, to make the biggest impact I can make on healing this planet, by assisting women in realizing that THEIR life and every part of creation is sacred, exactly as it is.

Love and Light,


Art of Standing in Your Sovereignty Course


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