Wandering Fuels Wandering

Nov 21, 2021

It has been a little while hasn't it? I am beginning to get my inspiration or creativity back after quite a hiatus. It has been quite a year and my journey with Stage 1 Breast Cancer that began in June is now complete and I am in deep gratitude for my healing and for my treatments being as gentle as possible. Needless to say my focus was on complete and total self-nourishment. AND I am still being with the soul level information I have been receiving about this. And at some point the story will be told.

But for now I just wanted to share my current musings, and to share a little bit about what will be coming up next year. There are some things I seeded before my diagnosis and are just now being put into motion. AND at the same time this is the time of year I spend in dreaming and visioning (not goal setting and to-doing) space. I am in the mode of preserving what I visioned last year, shedding a whole lot of over-complication, (if it ain't simple and it ain't fun it ain't happening) and visioning into what wants to come through me into 2022/23. Without getting attached to any of it. (One major lesson from 20/21, and I know I will have transitions and transformations throughout the next two years, and probably for the rest of my life).

Which leads me to the subject of embracing wandering as a way into opening into wonder. For me both of those things keeps my Inner and Outer Life interesting, fun, and open to possibility. Part of my journey in this life has been wandering; wandering through wisdom teachings, creative practices, spiritual practices. And I would not have it any other way. It is through this practice of wandering that I have opened up my mind, softened my heart, and also have found so many fellow wanderers and communities that I would never have found if I always was on a single road leading to some "destination". 

"All that is gold does not glitter;Not all who wander are lost.The old that is strong does not wither.Deep roots are not reached by the frost. "- JRR Tolkien

I love this testament to wandering because it does lead to wonder. But we have to be intentional in our wanderings and choose where we are wandering. This is not about shiny object syndrome (hence not all gold glitters), it is about paying attention. It is not about wandering aimlessly and never bringing anything into form (that is being lost), it is about continually asking soul which path to take next, and it is about discerning which paths are full of ancient (or new) wisdom and where the roots run deep. And when we find those places we can begin to ask what is one of my favorite "soul" inquiries. "I wonder what would happen if......?"

All of this is about embracing the mystery when our minds "wander" which is often looked down upon in certain spiritual practices where you are either told to "clear your mind" or to be very focused. Those things have their places, but sometimes just witnessing where the mind goes, what it is wondering, and what it is paying attention to brings us a lot of Inner information and wisdom. 

So for this week I invite you to contemplate what places and spaces in your mind, in your imagination, and in real life wisdom and community you would like to wander in. As you vision into next year consider entering those spaces as part of your vision. Run experiments. Try new things. Open to wonder. Connect with people who you might not have considered connecting with. Learn wisdom traditions that are new to you. Have fun! I am sure I will see you wandering somewhere on the path. 

Love and Light, 


PS. Here are sneak peeks into a few things coming up. 

1. I am changing platforms. That will include website, blog, newsletter, and will include a community that will go deeper into all my teachings, contain a wisdom library, and a way to connect and interact more deeply. Everything housed in one place, much of it complimentary. This newsletter will become the way I share what is up on the community each week, and not have the longer writings, but links to these types of musings, deeper practices for you, journal prompts etc. More to come! 

2. Each year I do a book journey, more than a book club. We go deeply into a book(s) and it is held in a sacred circle space with inquiries, contemplations and creative practices. In 2022 there will be two four month journeys (2 books), Jan-April and Aug-Nov. Be on the lookout for a survey to choose the book we will journey with starting January. 

3. Lots more goodies to come. And there will likely be an in-person and perhaps virtual as well- Essence Board workshop in January. This is all about tapping into your Core Essences, choosing which ones want to show up more fully for the year, and THEN from there going into visioning and goal setting. I always choose HOW I want show up before I pick WHAT I want to show up for. It is a great way to discern if your visions and goals align with the person you are and the person you are becoming.

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