Weaving the Wisdom: Interview with Blythe Smith on Grief, Love, and Fairy Tales

Mar 15, 2022

This week, I am sharing the 2nd Interview in the Weaving the Wisdom series. We have all experienced grief and loss in our lifetimes and especially in these last few years. This interview is with my dear friend Blythe Smith, who has had a lot of loss in her life, including the love of her life. She shares deeply of her wisdom on grief, loss, love, and her fairy tale story. But I think most important shares wisdom on how to respond to and support, from her perspective, a person in grief and loss. I feel we could all use this medicine, because every single one of us has had or will be there for someone who has suffered a loss. This is important stuff, and I am honored to share these stories of hope with you.


PS. There were a few hiccups in the video- dogs, internet dropping. Because these interviews are unscripted and we speak from the soul, there is no way to re-record and receive the same wisdom. And so in my perfectly, imperfect fashion they get shared as is.

I also have a short form if you would like to be interviewed and featured. The series is meant to highlight women who have taken their life experiences (many times very difficult ones) and wisdom and transformed them into gifts to be shared for the greater good of the planet.

Weaving Wisdom:Blythe


Love and Light,


PS. Over the next two weeks I am moving my newsletter, blog, and website over to a new platform. You may notice some small differences, but overall should be seamless for you. And ultimately some exciting new ways to connect.

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