Weaving the Wisdom: Interview with Dr. Sue Boardman

Jan 30, 2022

am kicking off my 2022 interview series Weaving the Wisdom with Dr. Sue Boardman AKA- The Fiercely Compassionate Grandmother. I hope you watch this engaging interview on how we as elders and grandparents can make a difference in kids' lives whether they are our biological family or not. And why this is so important for the healing of the planet. Below are also some links to connect with Sue and to take her Grandmother Archetype Quiz (you don't have to be a grandmother to take it!) 

I also have a short form if you would like to be interviewed and featured. The series is meant to highlight women who have taken their life experiences (many times very difficult ones) and wisdom and transformed them into gifts to be shared for the greater good of the planet. 

Intentional Grandmothers Archetype Quiz https://sueboardman.com/archetype/

To reach Sue and connect more deeply with her work: [email protected]www.sueboardman.com

Upcoming Workshop: Medicine Basket Your Way https://sueboardman.com/medicinebasketyourway/

Love and Light,

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