What If This is It?

Mar 08, 2022

You know the old cliche. "There is no time like the present." I believe it is true. There actually isn't, and we are at choice to be fully present in our lives, as they are. Right now. We can make the choice to fully inhabit the life we are living or spend time remembering the past, or wishing for some future state.

Yes, memories can be both delightful and painful, and do shape us leading up to the now and we can use those memories for "information" but they don't have to inform every choice we make now, a lot of things shift and transform. AND we all have dreams, visions, and goals for the future. But those get formed by what we do and who we choose to be now, not then. And what if I were to say the life you have is the exact one your soul was meant to live? That the whole journey presented and unfolded itself in a Divinely guided way to create the wise and beautiful woman you are now? And that includes both the joy and the pain in our lives.

When I sit with what has happened in the world and continues to happen and unfold, as well as, what has transpired in my own personal life it strengthens my desire to fully inhabit my life, right now. To do things that bring me joy and pleasure, to connect with my Big Soul, others and the Divine, to love, to learn. To never say..."I will get to that later", after I take care of my "responsibilities" or spend a whole lot of time "planning" for the future, and missing out on the beauty that is right in front of me.

The paradox is that some of our "responsibilities" and our goals are a part of our lives, so I am not saying to let everything go to hell in a handbasket. But what I am saying is to consider those things as a way to even more fully inhabit your life and shift your perspective on things and do them while fully present and with gratitude, releasing attachment to outcomes, or letting go of what is not really yours to do.

A big part of discerning what is yours and what to let go of is to understand what you value and what is really and truly important for you. And for me two of my core values are always being curious, and that creativity is a birthright. What that means for me this year, is jumping into the river and flowing with life, sitting with what the Universe is presenting to me in the moment, and saying YES to the invitations that align with my core values. Below are some journal prompts to get you thinking about how you fully inhabit your life. AND an invitation to a Creative Stretch that I have been invited to participate in where we look at our core values with curiosity and creativity. I hope you can join us.

  • Do you feel as though you fully inhabit the life you have or do you spend a lot of time wishing for something to be different, or for more than what is?
  • Do you spend more time lamenting (or wishing for) who you were in the past or wishing for some future vision or goal before you can fully enjoy life?
  • We all have tough moments in life. And things are tough out in the world right now. What do you do to stay centered and present even when things are difficult?
  • How would it feel to thoroughly accept and enjoy your life as it is right now? And if you already do, YAY! Journal on those things you do that bring joy and keep doing them.
  • What is the Universe placing in my path and what is my soul curious about?

I would love to hear what comes up for you!

Love and Light,



What is your top core value?
One of mine is always stay curious. And with that comes risk-taking. Because otherwise life would be BORING.
I find that often our core values are in the background of our lives and not something we think about all the time.
If you bring your values to the foreground of your life and work, things will feel more clear and aligned. Decision making will be simpler. You will feel more authentic and fulfilled when you are living your values.
Which is why I’m so excited to participate in The Creative Stretch as an artist and a student. As an artist I will be teaching on Taking Risks. As a student this is feeding my curious soul.
This workshop offers a playful and creative way to explore your core values through art and writing.
We are living in interesting times right now. Connecting to your core values can bring more clarity and meaning to your daily life and career as you navigate all the change in our world.
Even if you already know what your core values are, you will love this fresh creative way of connecting more deeply to what matters to you.
Doors open to our free Creative Warm-up on March 13.
Come explore your values through art and writing with me and 9 other artists.

Register on Teachable here. https://bit.ly/3tybxKT 

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