What Sparks are Grabbing Your Attention?

Apr 05, 2022

I have been spending  time contemplating what Inner Sparks are asking for my attention. Which ones are speaking the loudest and that I just cannot ignore. This is the season in Spring where we can really discern what visions our wisdom is telling us to act upon, but we are also in an Aries moon where the creative heart sparks are being lit. Aries can also be a time to move into bold, spontaneous and creative action. To me this time is a weaving of both energies of intuitive intellect and vision + using our fire and attention to light the sparks that our souls are showing to us even if it may feel a little chaotic. Creation is born from chaos into order. And I love to honor both chaos and order. I love to swim in the soup of ideas, and a bit of chaos, slow down long enough to pay attention to which ones most honor my gifts and genius, and that have the most spark, and then to use my intuitive intellect to bring order to all the chaos and create something tangible or embodied from the sparks. Fanning the flames if you will.

But doing that does take paying attention. You know the saying "energy flows where attention goes." And so my invitation and practice for you this week is to pay attention to what you are paying attention to. There are some journal prompts below to inspire you. Are you paying attention to the sparks of genius, inspiration, wisdom, hope, and love? I know it can be difficult right now to not feel guilty paying attention to those things. There is a lot of chaos, pain, and incoherence in the world right now. I am not asking you to bypass that. I am saying to pay attention to that and your emotions as well. It is a paradox. We are holding a lot. For me however, I have to tap into what is happening outside just long enough to be informed, and then tap back inside and pay attention to those sparks that not only light me up, but serve the greater good as well. And those things don't have to be huge. My own spiritual mentors right now are saying serving something larger than you can be sharing your creative gifts with the world in small ways, kindness of course, welcoming the "other" (this is huge), helping a neighbor. We have to come back home. If we all paid attention to our sparks, and brought them out of chaos into form to be shared, it is my belief the world will begin to heal.

For me the spark has been returning to embodiment AS spiritual practice. Movement. After cocooning, sitting in meditation, laying repose during the dark of winter to commune with the Divine, I am ready to MOVE and move the Divine within and through me. I am doing Sacred Dance, Qi Gong, and other movement practices as a practice. And it feels soooo good! I am making space for art too, but I am dismantling how that has looked for me as I close one chapter in my life (more on that another day and about many of us feeling like we are coming full circle back to some of our roots...which for me, I have been dancing since I was 3) . All in the name of play and joy, and honoring my own genius and inherent gifts.

I would love to hear what is sparking you, or how you feel after contemplating and journaling on the prompts.

1.) What do I need from myself in order to bring more clarity to my dreams, desires and goals? 

2.)  What is exciting me right now? Where and what do I want to put my time, focus and energy towards?  

3.)   What am I am paying attention to in my inner world and in my outer world? Am I paying attention to things that light me up or that suck my energy?
4.)   This is a moon to be courageous, spontaneous, and bold. What bold moves are you ready to make? 
5.)   What aligned actions will I commit to taking to bring my visions into form in the next cycle of my life. However long that cycle may be, commit and choose a time frame that is spacious yet brings completion.

Love and Light,

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