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Circles and Workshops


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In-person and online circles and workshops
at Amused Woman Studios

are experiential journeys
designed to disconnect you from your outer world
and plug into your inner world,
your Divine connection, and your soul
in a group or self-paced setting.

These offerings are created when my Inner Muse and what I observe women struggling with (or finding joy in) converge together and become a way to connect with each other in a safe and sacred space to self-express and as a teaching circle. 

Everything I do (even when I film a pre-recorded teaching) is created as a circle for safely sharing, expressing , contemplating, honoring your story. From there you are able to transform your story if needed or desired.  

You will notice that these Muse-led offerings draw on over two decades of healing, creative and spiritual arts training. All of that is coupled with my own deep curiosity of mystical paths, harmonious living with nature and mixed media creativity.


When all of this combines, you will see a variety of different and unique offerings. I see this as my space to experiment along with you, and I invite you on the journey into curiosity with me.


What that means is this is my space to experiment along with you, and that I invite you onthe journey into curiosity and that you may see all sorts of different kinds of offerings. 

These offerings are designed to allow you to tap into yourself, be in circle space and witnessed by other women, step out of your mind and into your soul through creative and contemplative practices.

Above all they are Divinely Guided and FUN! You will find yourself in the beautiful paradox of laughing and crying and being willing to be both in the shadow and in the light. 

Some of what you will find here is listed below but the possibilities are endless:

  • New Moon Intention Setting Circles
  • Ceremony and Ritual to mark the turning of the wheel of time
  • Women in Transition Circles (Ages and Stages of life, age, motherhood, grief, divorce, job change, retirement)
  • Twice Yearly Book Journeys
  • Live and Self-Paced Archetypal Journeys 
  • In-depth journeys with aspects of the Divine Feminine
  • Mixed Media Art Journaling and Collage with a theme
  • One-time workshops and courses on Unearthing your Sacred Assignment, Soul Purpose, and Remembrance of Your Genius
  • Intentional Creativity® and Creative Depth Coaching Workshops®
  • Group Spiritual and Soul Companionship 
  • Storytelling and Writing for Healing 


Please explore the available offerings and the details below. Each includes date, time, and location (please pay attention to whether it is virtual or in-person).

All of these offerings and themes are available for me to teach to your private women’s group, circle, networking group or speaking engagement, as well as to non-profit organizations. To discuss hiring me to work with or speak to your group please complete this form.

Live Workshops


Self-Paced Workshops